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Voice Over IP (VoIP) Telephony

Sarum's hosted Voice over IP (VoIP) solution is a complete business virtual PBX phone system that is available either as a fully managed or unmanaged service. The Sarum VoIP solution has unlimited scalability and customization, and contains Fortune 500 company PBX features. We have experience in implementing VoIP solutions ranging from small business start-ups, to large government facilities. Our solution is wholly owned by Sarum and is operated, maintained, and secured by our own highly trained technical staff. We are also able to deliver dedicated customer-site VoIP for those interested in this type of solution.

What we offer:

  • Any national origination and termination pricing
  • Bulk minutes
  • International rate decks
  • Standard phone numbers
  • Toll free numbers (including custom vanity numbers)
  • Porting of your current number(s)
  • E911 services
  • 411 services
  • Fully managed PBX services
  • Intuitive web based customer admin interface
  • Intuitive individual client based web interface
  • Unlimited scalability through script based rules
  • Unlimited customization
  • Fortune 500 company PBX features